Talia in the Kitchen

Talia in the Kitchen 2×14 : Brothers Grubb

The gang explains the mess to Chef Lorena, who shuts down Lola’s because of it. Talia tries to patch things up with Lorena by putting some spices in a dish, but things go wrong when the spices make Lorena act crazy. Afterwards, Tyson seeks Jayden’s help to have Talia and Lorena get along. Meanhwile, Dolores finds a book regarding SpiceMasters, which Frenchie is able to translate. However, the two then learn from the book that Talia must battle Jayden in order to stay in Miami, while Julie, Valarie and Rudy see that Rocky’s cousin Vinnie is stealing food from Lola’s. Even worse, when Tyson reveals the truth about what Talia ate, another rift between them occurs.




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