Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live 25×20 : Jackie Chan/Kid Rock

Live From New York, it’s…Florence Henderson, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Gina Gershon, and Tim Meadows

Sketches include: “”The Ladies’ Man Dating Game””, “”Nick Burns””, “”The Culps””, “”TV Funhouse: Fun With Some Real Audio–Madonna’s Video Shoot””, “”The Zimmermans At The Golf Course””, “”Digging To The Center of the Earth””, “”Calgon””, and “”Legends In Concert””

Kid Rock performs: American Bad-Ass and Only God Knows Why

The NBC rerun replaces the “”Zimmermans At The Golf Course”” sketch with an SNL mini-film by Adam McKay called “”The Procedure”” starring Willem Dafoe and Andy Richter.




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