Real Time with Bill Maher

Real Time with Bill Maher 12×5 : February 14, 2014

Interviewee: Jeremy Scahill (“Dirty Wars” Docu-maker)

Panelists: Andrew Sullivan (“Daily Dish” blogger), Mayim Bialik (“Big Bang Theory” star and vegan author), Eric Klinenberg (“Going Solo” author)

Panel Guest: Bill Nye

Topics: Creationism vs. science, Comcast–Time Warner Cable merger, net neutrality, drop in infrastructure spending, targeted killings of US citizens who plot against other Americans, veganism, attachment parenting, World Health Organization’s warning about cancer, Philip Seymour Hoffman’s published diaries, Edward Snowden praising Russia.

  • IMDb: 6.3
  • Released: 2014-02-14
  • Season: 12
  • Country :




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